Solidus AI Tech’s Transformative Venture: Launching $AITech IDO on ChainGPT Pad

Solidus AI Tech’s Transformative Venture: Launching $AITech IDO on ChainGPT Pad

Leading AI infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 industry, ChainGPT, is preparing to unveil one of its most promising incubation projects to the public.

After meticulous planning, extensive development, and community engagement, Solidus AI Tech is poised to embark on its next phase in the Web3 landscape by launching its $AITech Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the ChainGPT Pad.

With an exceptional team, impressive online presence, extensive network, and well-defined strategy, Solidus AI Tech is set to introduce its products to the market and establish itself as a significant contributor to the digital economy.

Solving Fundamental Challenges in the Digital Economy:

Solidus AI Tech, headquartered in Europe, operates as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company that addresses fundamental challenges prevalent in the digital economy, particularly the demand for computational infrastructure. The company has established an 8,000-square-foot facility housing proprietary algorithm-enhanced hardware, aiming to optimize computational costs and efficiencies.

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In addition to physical infrastructure, Solidus AI Tech offers a range of Web3 infrastructural software solutions, encompassing Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS), Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), High-Performance Computing power (HPC), and an Artificial Intelligence marketplace.

Core Services Catering to Diverse Needs:

Solidus AI Tech’s suite of core services offers a foundation for diverse applications across various sectors:

AIaaS: Artificial Intelligence-as-a-service: Solidus AI Tech provides an all-encompassing solution for seamlessly integrating and implementing AI into a wide array of applications, harnessing the transformative potential of this revolutionary technology.

BaaS: Blockchain-as-a-service: Recognizing the resource-intensive nature of developing and maintaining secure blockchains, Solidus AI Tech extends its intelligent blockchain designs to fulfill a multitude of use cases.

HPC: High-Performance Computation: To cater to the escalating demand for computation, Solidus AI Tech offers high-performance computing services tailored to intensive use cases across various industries.

AI Marketplace: Solidus AI Tech creates a marketplace facilitating the exchange of automated intelligent processes, unlocking a new machine economy that contributes to an unexplored market segment.

Innovations That Set Solidus AI Tech Apart:

Several distinctive features underpin Solidus AI Tech’s groundbreaking approach:

High Performance Computing Cost Reductions: Solidus AI Tech’s proprietary algorithms have achieved a remarkable 40% improvement in hardware efficiency, exceeding industry standards. This reduction in High high-performance computing costs enhances cost-effectiveness while elevating operational efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Computation IP: By optimizing computational processes, Solidus AI Tech has produced innovations that lead to lower energy consumption and heightened computational capacity, aligning with environmentally friendly computing practices.

Custom Data Center: Solidus AI Tech’s in-house data center benefits from low-cost energy and high-speed internet, situated in Bucharest and adhering to ISO 14001:2015 standards, offering unparalleled control over the computational supply chain.

Vulnerability Monitoring: Robust security measures include novel network device structures and automatic vulnerability detection, ensuring the reliability of systems across various sectors.

Government Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: Solidus AI Tech’s comprehensive software and hardware solutions cater to demanding use cases, adhering to NATO quality assurance standards, and encompassing areas such as voting, taxation, supply chain traceability, and identity management.

Empowering Users with Innovative Tokenomics:

Solidus AI Tech’s vision of a decentralized digital future is complemented by its elegant tokenomics strategy, empowering users with equitable access to high-quality infrastructure through the $AITECH token. This token serves as a payment vehicle for product licenses, incentivizes AI tool creation, and provides membership to the DAO.

Token Details:

Token Name: AI Tech
Token Symbol: $AITECH
Token Standard: BEP-20
Issuing Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000

Furthermore, the $AITECH token employs deflationary economics through a variable burn program, removing 5%-10% of each transaction used for platform services from circulation. This mechanism exerts consistent pressure on market dynamics.

As Solidus AI Tech takes its stride into the Web3 space with its $AITech IDO launch on ChainGPT Pad, the innovative blend of groundbreaking services, eco-conscious solutions, and empowering tokenomics cements its role as a transformative force within the digital economy.




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